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4 Stroke Quiet Portable Generators

4 Stroke Quiet Portable Generators
4 Stroke Quiet Portable Generators
Product Code : EBK-1000
Product Description

4 Stroke Quiet Portable Generators

Special Features of 4 Stroke Quiet Portable Generators are mentioned as below :

Because of the Honda's new and pioneering technology, this new age generator is made in such a way that it is so silent and noise - less that you may actually need to examine at times that if it is switched on or not. If truth is to be told or in actual reality it is to make it a comprehensive reserve of power resource, which has every possible detail and description which has been kept in mind at the time of designing and developing its varied and wide range of features.

Super Silent : This kind of Honda GenX is a instrument which is universally equipped with an innovative and radical sound absorption system. It is then measured and well thought out to be big and has huge system which comes with big size sound mufflers which further help soak up the operating noise of the engine - so that you can relax and don’t have to worry even for the period of a power cut. In addition to all this, the generator will meet the appropriate Noise Regulation (Phase - II) of Central Pollution Control Board (Govt. of India).

Eco Friendly : Unlike the conventional and old school generators, there is quite less amount of fume which is generated by the engine of Honda GenX which will usually helps in keeping your house and the surrounding environment more comfortable and at ease. It is made in such a way that it is generally at parity with the global standards. In addition to all this, it is also in firm conformity to the severe and stringent appropriate emission norms of Central Pollution Control Board (Govt. of India).

A Tough Performer : Every Honda GenX is put through a sequence of severe performance and quality tests before it can finally turn out to be a part of your home. The generator has been well equipped with 3 chambers for improved and enhanced thermal balance. So it never fails to provide much comfort and ease to you even in those never ending power cuts.

Consumer Friendly Design : It has been especially designed along with castor wheels, along with a top and bottom handle, which makes it simple and easy for you to move the machine around in any direction with ultimate ease. It’s Oil Alert Device (which comes as a standard feature) also helps put a stop to any kind of engine seizure. It has a hypodermic or nozzle kind of fuel cock which further helps in commencing the generator more suitably. And much thanks to its twin type of carburetor, where there is no drainage of kerosene which is generally an essential function and is most required in other such devices. In addition to all these features, for every kind of maintenance, each of these models comes with an exceptional tool kit and a fuel funnel.

Salient Features of Honda GenX is mentioned as below :

  • Easy Start : it comes with the key feature of simple Start capability which is due to manual recoil starter.

  • Fuel Efficiency : Honda has been world proven with its 4 - Stroke Technology which further makes sure that it has a high fuel efficiency.

  • Fuel Gauge Option : It also comes with a convenient feature of Fuel Gauge option with which you can easily keep a quick check on the levels of fuel and act accordingly.

  • Oil Alert System : this is also an interesting feature of Honda Portable Gensets which comes with an Oil Alert System which can further put a stop to Engine Seizure which generally happens due to low oil level.

  • Circuit Breaker : It comes with an in-built Circuit Breaker which further prevents the alternator from being spoiled in case of any kind of short circuit.

  • Service Network : A countrywide network of over 700 dealers is spread across the country which further makes the post sales service and any kind of spares easily available.

  • Easy To Carry : these Honda Handy Series Gensets are quite simple and trouble free to carry.

  • Noise And Air Regulation : they come with a Special muffling feature which in turn helps in minimizing the high level of noise. This feature also aids in meeting the national standards and norms of the air emission regulation.

  • Options : There are a variety of alternatives which are available for both Kerosene and Petrol fuels.



Rated Power (VA)



750 VA

AC Output, Kerosene Run, Recoil Start

Specifications at 220V, 50HZ

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